SIP top ups: A necessary booster to timely achieve goals

Kotak Mutual fund | 16 March 2024
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Financial growth is one of the key objectives that drive all of us to work hard in our jobs and businesses. Most of us are rewarded for our efforts through raises, bonuses, and profits at least once a year.

However, letting this surplus accumulate or splurging it all may not be advisable because, if invested wisely, it can help generate wealth for you in the long term.

Systematic investment plans, or SIPs in mutual fund schemes, can be an effective investment tool to generate long term wealth for financial security. Regular amounts of money into mutual fund schemes via SIPs may not only help us achieve our life goals like marriage, children’s education, buying a house or retirement, it can also provide a shield against inflation.

Typically, SIP is investing a fixed amount at regular intervals, in a scheme of your choice. SIP can help foster financial disciple, and can provide the benefit of rupee cost averaging, allowing investors to buy more units when prices are low and fewer units when prices are high.

One of the biggest advantages of SIPs is that it offers the flexibility to start with small amount of investments (as low as Rs 100/Rs 500) as per the investor convenience.

However if you are planning to increase your investments systematically basis any additional income received by way of a bonus or an increment, then you can opt for an SIP- top up facility. The SIP top-up refers to increasing your original SIP amount at pre-defined intervals/periodically.

Key highlights of the SIP top-up facility:

  • The early you invest, the more you invest systematically, more likely you could benefit from the compounding effect...
  • It may help you realise your financial goals in a timely manner.
  • It can help beat Inflation in the long run if you increase your SIP amount aligned with the inflation rate.
  • So build on your investments and consider to put your money to work conveniently with the help of SIP top up facility.

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